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Preventative Maintenance: The Simple Key to Organization

When you’re in charge of an entire department, keeping everything organized can be a major challenge. If your team is using paper or email to keep up with work orders, you’re probably finding that preventative maintenance tasks are often neglected. With maintenance management software, you can improve the organization and efficiency of your department through simple, user-friendly scheduling of preventative maintenance tasks.
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Could Reactive Maintenance Be Causing Problems in Your Facility?

There’s no way around it: you need an efficient maintenance department. You need your entire team to stay organized and efficient if you want to make sure your facility remains safe and appealing for those who use it. But if you’re relying on a reactive maintenance plan as opposed to a preventative one, you could be putting your facility at risk for both safety hazards and compliance issues.

The Problem with Reactive Maintenance

Reactive maintenance refers your maintenance department performing repairs and checks only when a problem comes up. Reactive maintenance means that you can’t, or don’t, see equipment/asset failure coming – you just have to react to it when it happens.

This kind of maintenance can put a major strain on your facility. An equipment failure can cause disorganization and inefficiency within your maintenance department and disrupts your technicians’ ability to complete “non-emergency” work orders.

The Solution: Preventative Maintenance

As a maintenance manager, you likely know the value of preventative maintenance. With proper PM planning, you can stay organized and on top of regular repairs and inspections. You can monitor equipment to see when potential breakdowns of failures might occur and prevent them.

If your managing your work orders with pen and paper or email your department likely isn’t able to do it with much success. What you need is an easy-to-use solution that allows you and your entire team to conduct preventative maintenance and inspections. You need maintenance software.

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The User-Friendly Maintenance Software You’re Looking For

When you need a preventative maintenance scheduling solution that everyone in your facility (even those who aren’t the most tech-savvy) can use with ease, you need to look at the Maintenance Care CMMS. Our work order software is simple to use, effective, and will take your department’s organization to the next level.

Checklist: The Top 40 Preventative Maintenance Tasks

Just getting started with a preventative maintenance plan in your facility? This simple checklist lays out the top 40 PM tasks you should be completing on a monthly, bi-monthly, and yearly basis.

How Hard is it to Move From Reactive to Proactive Maintenance?

If a reactive maintenance plan is causing disorganization and inefficiency in your department, you need to move to proactive maintenance. But isn’t that difficult to do? With the right plan and software in place, it’s actually fairly simple.

5 Elements of Winning CMMS Proposal

Investing in maintenance management software might seem like the obvious choice to you, but the higher-ups in charge of making purchases might not understand the need for it. After all, they don’t know exactly what your team does every day. If you want to make a winning proposal for CMMS, there are five strategies you need to employ.

A Simple, Affordable Solution for Maintenance Management

You’ve been tasked to find a maintenance management program that works for your maintenance team and adheres to security protocols. A SaaS model could be just what you’re looking for.

Improve Maintenance Productivity and Increase Your ROI

You need to make sure you’re running an efficient facility with the best possible ROI. The maintenance department is an often-untapped area for improvement.