Risk Management with CMMS

When preparing your facility for unexpected situations and disasters, choosing the right maintenance management software and knowing how to get the most out of it is crucial. In this recording, you learn about the following topics and more:

- How to identify, assess, and prioritise risks to your business. 
- Minimising, monitoring, and controlling of risk probability and impact.
- Reducing potential liabilities and capital loss.
- Ensuring the health and safety of your staff, guests, and the public in the case of an event.

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Why a Risk Management Plan?

From fire preparedness to flood and water damage mitigation, routine equipment maintenance, and general health and safety measures to avoid accidents - you want to be prepared cause emergencies don't give you a heads-up. CMMS helps you to reduce the number of occurrences in general and to lower the risk and severity in case something happens.

Trust MaintenanceCare's CMMS - because it's better to be safe than sorry.

Who is Speaking?

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Nicholas Sarlo, Support