CMMS to Get You Through the Storm

Businesses across the globe have been hit hard, and we’d like to extend a helping hand by discussing the following topics:

  • - CMMS as Knowledge Archive and Documentation Hub: staying prepared by documenting all procedures and processes online.
  • - Remote Facility Management: communicating and overseeing tasks from a distance.
  • - Bridging the gap: using the quarantine to conduct maintenance that requires your facility to be empty.

Originally hosted in April 2020, this webinar covers the importance of good maintenance management during an emergency like the CoVid-19 crises, but applies much more broadly to a variety of potential emergency situations. 


Why CMMS for Emergency Preparedness?

When your facility is facing a crises like the CoVid-19 outbreak, the importance of comprehensive, easy-to-use, mobile-friendly maintenance management software is higher than ever. It's critical that you are able to properly document and track all maintenance and housekeeping activities and files - and even more critical that you are able to that remotely. That's where CMMS comes in.

Who is Speaking?

3-Nicholas Sarlo

Nicholas Sarlo, Support Team