Better Maintenance. Easy as ABC.

Due to their demographic and unique usage patterns, schools and other education facilities deserve special attention when it comes to upkeep, repairs, and general maintenance. In this workshop, we'll discuss everything you need to keep a well-maintained school building!

Originally hosted in May 2020, this webinar is full of useful tips just for Facility Managers and staff working in education facilities like schools or colleges. 


Why CMMS for Education?

Our experience with clients shows that running an education facility comes with lots of challenges. From maintenance scheduling (due to school activities), to justifying costs to school boards, to unforeseen repairs (when gym class has gone rogue again...), or the need to respond to tickets quickly and effectively, there are many surprises every day.

Thanks to remote task orders, maintenance scheduling, warranty tracking, and many other features, CMMS is every Facility Manager's best friend. 

Who is Speaking?

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Eray Tasabat, Sales Rep