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CMMS for Senior Care Special 

The HOW has changed, but the WHY is still the same:

Because you Care.

Senior Care is about the humans at its center: the caretakers and medical professionals, the cooks and housekeepers, the volunteers and family members, and all the people getting together to provide a caring environment for their seniors. 


Getting Senior Care Facilities the Software they Need.

At Maintenance Care, we recognize the severity of the current situation and would like to do our part to maintain businesses functioning and take some weight off their shoulders.

We want to help you get the tools you need to fight your best fight against COVID-19. That's why, when you upgrade to our Enterprise Edition CMMS before June 1, we're offering you: 

  • Free Training 
  • Free Activation 
  • Fast Track Implementation
PLUS: You'll get the Pandemic Prevention Plan added to your new CMMS automatically on upgrade.

*Some Conditions Apply. See Below for details.

Why Upgrade Now? 

We know first hand how valuable a CMMS can be in a crisis situation like this. When it comes keeping your facility safe and healthy during a pandemic or emergency situation, it's important to have CMMS features such as: 

  • Preventative Maintenance Scheduling
  • Mobile App for Remote Work Orders
  • Reports 
  • Documentation for Proper Tracking

All of these features will help you to properly schedule, track, and report on which maintenance tasks are being completed, by whom they are being done, and how quickly they are completed. All from a remote location if need be. They're also all available to you in our Enterprise Edition CMMS. That's why we decided to extend this offer to you - to help you get the software you need in you hands, now that you need it most. 



Offer Details:  

When you choose to upgrade your Maintenance Care Edition before June 1, we will offer you: 

  • Free Training 
  • Free Activation 

Additionally, we give you fast track implementation with software setup in one hour so you can use the tools you need exactly when you need them. Full training will happen later at your leisure (so you can focus on other priorities now). 

PLUS: You'll get the Pandemic Prevention Plan (a pre-made list of Preventive Maintenance tasks designed to remind your team of best practices for prevention) added to your new CMMS automatically when you upgrade.

Better times are ahead. You can plan for it now. We’re there with you. 




*Offer for new clients only. To take advantage of this offer you must not be an existing Maintenance Care user. You also must not be in the process of signing up for or purchasing the Maintenance Care software. 

*Offer applicable only to those facilities in the Senior Care industry. 


Great Product!

Maintenance Care has been a great product for our business. It has simplified our preventative maintenance program and gives staff quick access to reporting maintenance concerns. We also use their asset tool and this has allowed us to track all our assets in one easy to use system. We would recommend Maintenance Care to anyone.

Scott Walsh

Administrator, Wildwood Care Centre