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It was by far the easiest transition to any piece of software we ever had to do, it was so simple.

Joe Foreman, Nationwide Healthcare  

It's doing everything we need done from a maintenance technology work order management system.

 Jeff Landes, Newcastle Public School 

Customizable and continually updated, a big thing today. You are not left with a piece of software that is going to age and be irrelevant over time.

Michael Bates, Riverview Home

Great for Scheduling, the maintenance team loves using it. The tracking of assets has been huge for us. 

Darrell Bennett, Haven Hil


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Great software program

I have been working with the MC software program for many years now, it is simple to use, it keeps me informed of all activities in my building.Any preventive work that is needed, let it be in house or contracted out, is never missed, with the easy schedule set up. With many departments within my operation, the MC software, brings great communication, and keeps all involved, informed. I have worked with many other types of Maintenance software, and this one is by far my system of choice. The support from Maintenance Care tech team, is fabulous, real people, with answers. It is a cost saving tool also, one thing I come to discover, is the more you put in to it, in way of set up and utilizing all function, it deliverers great results in trend and reports.

Leon Deluca

Maintenance Chief, Coast Harbourside Hotel

Great Product!

Maintenance Care has been a great product for our business. It has simplified our preventative maintenance program and gives staff quick access to reporting maintenance concerns. We also use their asset tool and this has allowed us to track all our assets in one easy to use system. We would recommend Maintenance Care to anyone.

Scott Walsh

Administrator, Wildwood Care Centre

Very Good System

It is also very user friendly but, perhaps most important is that in our case, it encouraged participation from all levels of our staff through the service desk concept, which in our view is one of the corner stones of this product. From that perspective, facility maintenance has become a colaborate effort in our Company to the direct benefit of deserving Residents.  As improvements to enhance what is already a very good system, we would like to see bar coding as well as an auditing module in the near future. Over all, we are more than satisfied with our choice of product as well as our association with Maintenance Care as a Company.

Much of this can be attributed to the ongoing support from the Maintenace Care team, they have been phenominal. What we like most about this product is that it fits particularly well with the requirements and demands synonomous with Seniors Care.

Gerrit Bredenkamp

Manager, Loss Prevention Programs, Retirement Concepts LP

Best Work Order System

By far the best work order system I have ever used!

Ken Newman

Maintenance Manager, Northwoodcare Bedford Inc. 

Awesome App

 I found this app after searching for the right one. This app is user friendly and has alot to offer.  I really enjoy using it everyday and so do my team. At first they were a bit intimidated because it was new to them. Now they really enjoy it. I recommend it and the team at Maintenance care has been extremely helpful from day one

Jesse Badillo

Director of Engineering, Eldorado Country Club

 User Friendly

This system is great, I like that it is user friendly and keeps track of systems and expenses in each area. Easy to track and great customer service.  Willing to help always - thanks Susan

Darrell Bennett

Corporate Maintenance Manager, Buron Healthcare

Fast, simple, efficient system. Worth the cost. 

The features and functionality, the system allows us to prioritize and address all issues in a timely manner. Cannot display Chinese words due to some of our staff do not understand English well. Hope Maintenance Care will improve this area. Communication between departments has been streamlined by using one system.

Ronnie Chong

Special Project Coordinator, Hospital & Health Care

Best Program for Managing Maintenance Requests

This program allows all users to quickly alert me when something needs attention. I receive an email and able to record the action & give notes about why and if additional service is needed. I really don't have any cons about this program. The free version works well for my needs and all users are able to access this program.

Adam Meesey

Technology Coordinator, Holy Infant School