The Ultimate Preventative Maintenance Checklist

There are some reoccurring maintenance tasks you just can't afford to miss. Staying on top of preventative maintenance keeps your facility organized, safe, and compliant (plus it's proven to increase your ROI). 

Don't miss a task. Download our interactive Preventative Maintenance Checklist today. 

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With proper preventative maintenance scheduling, you'll find your whole maintenance team is more organized and efficient.



Tracking preventative maintenance doesn't just keep your team organized - it ensures your facility is keeping up with compliance requirements as well.  

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Missing a regular fire alarm check can be a serious safety issue in your facility. Using a preventative maintenance checklist will help ensure no necessary tasks are missed. 



Regular use of a maintenance checklist will help you stay informed about what work is being done in your facility, and when it was done. 



Downtime due to unexpected equipment failure leads to both wasted time and increased expenses. Keeping track of scheduled maintenance tasks can greatly reduce this downtime. 



The cost of replacing or repairing equipment because a routine inspection was missed can be significant. The preventative maintenance checklist can help you save on these costs. 

Why Preventive Maintenance? 

Preventive maintenance (also called preventative maintenance) is simply the practice of completing regular, scheduled maintenance or inspections on a piece of equipment to reduce the likelihood of its failure. 

It helps to prevent and/or prepare for downtime, which will save your facility both time and money. Plus, it will help to improve efficiency and organization in the maintenance team. 

Our preventive maintenance checklist gives you the Top 40 tasks you'll want to be performing on a regular basis in an easy-to-use interactive format. 



Great software program

I have been working with the MC software program for many years now, it is simple to use, it keeps me informed of all activities in my building.Any preventive work that is needed, let it be in house or contracted out, is never missed, with the easy schedule set up. With many departments within my operation, the MC software, brings great communication, and keeps all involved, informed.

I have worked with many other types of Maintenance software, and this one is by far my system of choice. The support from Maintenance Care tech team, is fabulous, real people, with answers. It is a cost saving tool also, one thing I come to discover, is the more you put in to it, in way of set up and utilizing all function, it deliverers great results in trend and reports.

Leon Deluca

Maintenance Chief, Coast Harbourside Hotel

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