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Reliable Maintenance Management.

Effortless Onboarding. 

Computerized Maintenance Management Systems have never been easier for Educational Institutions to deploy.

  • Stay on top of critical maintenance tasks staff and guests rely on.
  • Take control of every aspect of your facility's maintenance.
  • Getting started is an absolute breeze.

Painless Onboarding Process

Getting Maintenance Care running in your facility couldn't be easier. After a smooth transition period, you'll be set up to succeed and operate far more efficiently than ever before.


Track Work Orders Digitally

Move beyond paper with a digital workflow. Stakeholders can request repairs quickly and efficiently. And you've got the full history of all tasks right there should you ever need to pull up old reports.


Take Control of Your Workflow

Eliminate the obstacles of paper-based systems. Consolidate tools and calendars into one app. Finally have confidence that your maintenance workflow provides maximum comfort and safety.

Learn More With a CMMS Demo

Slowed down by inefficient, cumbersome systems? Need a more reliable way to handle everything from routine preventative maintenance to the emergencies that threaten to disrupt busy guest schedules with zero notice?

Grab yourself a free, one-on-one demo of Maintenance Care with one of our experts, and find out for yourself how easy it is to get your educational institution up to speed on modern maintenance best-practices.

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Ready to Start?

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